Thursday, December 15, 2005


Choking Victim live on TeaM SpiDeR TeLeVisOn 12-14-05

.. a good time, CV came on the show last night. but...first: rehearsals at C-squat which quickly turned into rasberry vodka chuggin', PBR swiggin, dog wrestling fun. Things had a -full circle- feel: the orig CV, just playing songs in Dolan's bedroom, less than a half dozen people sittin around, rolling around drinking and singin' along. Stza busted out his new-old CV secret hit "c-squat calling"... (which if you need a hint on what the music might sound like /imagine everyone in the room yelling: "i live by East Riv-a!")


eventually we ventured out in the cold, to find that the pick-up truck loaned to us to get to the studio wouldnt start, emergency mode set in and a cab van appeared, miraculously (- thanks xmas ) and 3/4's of the gear and some elf helpers in, including Mike Dreg from DEATHMOLD. Stza, sacha, and Xris scored a sceond cab and we all headed to 59th street MNN studios.

in the cab Stza debuted his new Christian Ipod. He bought a used ipod, and the guy he got it from must have been christian cause it had all songs by a band called "worship" (?) or something, plus there were a hundred variations of the word Worship in the every song title, even the non christian songs were songs like "living on a prayer" by bon jovi.

stza tells us the guy offered to erase them all, but he said "no, i'll find something i like"...stz eventually went in his own world and found a green day song, and proceded to sing "when november ends" or whatever, till he saw Me n Sascha wincing. "have you guys ever heard this song!?" he yells not realizing he's yellin. in unison we reply with oversaturated horror "yes." which Stz correctly translated as, find another song. He was psyched because it had 900 songs in it, and "the guy's christain, so he probably paid for them all", so Stza got like 900 bucks worth of music for nothin. though most tunes seemed destined to the trash bin. we will keep updated on if the Ipod converts him...

arrive at studio. start to set up, late as always. not enough mics. this time we had $am bring his digital 8track recorder so we can have better audio than what we get from the MNN board / mics..

anyhowww.. realize in the confusion, there is no Floor TOm drum, it was left at c -squat
dolan calls his room, but enoch is drunk, and Dolan hangs up on him when he asks "whats it look like"

mike dreg is ready to go back to get it, when 2 girls offer to bring it up... 20 minutes till we are LIVE

manage to mic everything ( twice, xtras for $am ) thanks to Cory at MNN bustin out mics that were still in their boxes... dolan goes outside to recieve Floor Tom and is thrilled when he comes back and sees i have covered his kit in lights and garland, and holly etc... x-mas is in the air

as the tom hits the floor - we are live on air

CV opens with "money", first a false start. then they get it right. stza is wearing a corn flake box on his head that he carefully sat and constructed while the mic'ing , drum emergency took place. it is a stroke of creepy genius ... with his mouth sticking out from a fried chicken recipe

THen they perform the rare "apple pie / police state " which was altered to be "apple pie / tasty dates" or something for the season.

after taking a break showing some of my video clips to sum up the current holiday ( the transit strike, fear factor, rabbi's giving infants herpes, and "why not to give clock to a chinese person" ) -- we start taking phone calls... FIRST CALL: someone who calls to tell stza how much he sucks at singing

Now stza puts on a strong face, but i can see he is heartbroken, it's not turning out to be a merry xmas for the sturg. not even his new Corn Flakes hat seems to cheer him up.

several people call in and all pronounce his name stiz-ZAA with the emphahsis on the second syllable which begins to cheer him up, realizing he could market a fragrance called ST-ZAA which would instantly let the wearer seem as if they are living in a squat, unshowered, stale beer, cat piss and dog hair fragrance mixed with the marsh water in the basement.

lots of well wishers for zak's health, and ezra's new recordings, people request the xmas carol by "stza and garfunkel" performed last year, but we say 'been there, done that.. ' (its buried in the archives somewhere at SANTA's TAINTED FLESH ( *scroll way down, and it has 30 secs of black before it, -in honor of the black record- **works better on PC's )

eventually , CV busts into "MONEY CHANGES EVERYTHING" and we try to get zak on the line in the hospital but no luck, sascha talks a bit about his cause: and how surreal it is to be playing punk rock , in NYC, on tv, with his old friends, when his normal realitiy is now all about farming.

wrap it up w/ , a few more calls, including one from the Dominican Republic ( thanks to the web streaming), and CV closes out the night with
"500 Channels"

kick ass...
WATCH "500 ChAnnels"

.....................................comin' soon, more rehearsals (a song or 2,) which are hilarious with dogs fighting in the foreground, its a k-9 version of CROUCHING TIGER, HIDDEN SNOTTY.

we had 2 reservations in the studio in case this got fucked up, so TEAM SPIDER might go in and perform on WED DEC 28th, 10:30 (?) pm ( we may be getting bumped up an hour )
and treat it as a dress rehearsal for the new years eve gig at THE HOOK with Leftover Crack

. for videos


Blogger rockthat40bitch said...

goddamn i wanted to see that so bad but i had to work later than i thought, i hope you guys can get those vids up cause i'd fuckin kill to see that shit

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Blogger teamspider said...

yo, they are up,
they take a minute to load so be patient, it doesnt tell you it is actually loading the video.. ubt it is!


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