Wednesday, August 08, 2007

U.K. TOUR - Overview

TEAM SPIDER is on tour SPREADIN' THE BIKE CORE REALITY 007 in England, Ireland, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and good ole Amsterdam...

so busy, crazy, and out of our heads , we haven't had time to regularly update the ole blog here, but a detailed acount is comin! ( check Oscars' letters to his Mom posted to for some funny accounts )

for now here's some pix and some highlights... which we are uploading from a remote posh estate in Newcastle England. The people are graciously hosting us, along with some othre bands: HOGWASH (france), and PICKLED DICK ( England )& may not have known what they were getting into, when i went downstairs a moment ago HOGWASH's crew wash shoveling spilled pizza goo under the fridge!

Most of the time we are the only band staying at a place, which ahs ranged from squats in London, to Metal Head havens in Belfast, to a van stuck in the Mud all night in ireland till a farmer pulled us out in his tractor....

we have shot so much video, i sense "FUCK BRAKES: THE MOVIE" in the future...
We'll see !!!!

( *note the Fuck Brakes CD may be available at by now, and

** double note, as i type i just met "german Me".. a guy with a video camera just busted in on me and Juggy D's* bedroom.

( Juggy D is Dave's new UK rapper alter ego, 'spect )


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