Friday, January 25, 2008

HAPPY 2000-Gr8 !!!


It's a New Year and it's gonna be HOT.

Now we know 'up till now itz been cold...
but the new year is now officially kickin it off, Wild-Style, w/ the good 'ole IDIOTAROD... SAT @ noon.
( like the Alaskan "Ididarod", cept itz in NYC and the mammals pulling the "sled" -a.k.a. stolen shopping cart- are a bit dumber)

here's our IDIOTAROD video from last year...
more info at

and then, later that same day.. It's TEAM SPIDER's first show of '08

a (rare) In-Store Appearance as the Spider's rock out --P@S$0uT RecOrds-- in Brooklyn.,., ( 5-8pm)
expect underage drinkin', record bin diving, and mosh pit bike lifts... ( more info at our myspace)
werd y;'all
//////future video from Pas$Out ReC0rd$ to come.....\\\\\\\\\

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