Saturday, May 17, 2008

Short Schrift: My Secret Shame

awww.. sort of a waste of time, but sent by several people this "rant" against bicyclists...
Short Schrift: My Secret Shame
what did catch my eye was in the comments ( usually even more of waste of time unless you really want to listen in on the inner voices of cowards who can type *) *though not spell

which off course had to bring up NYC Critical Mass, as holding up traffic for 30mins etc... here is comment / our reply

teamspider said...

quoting "POINTS"
Critical Mass, a bike group in NYC, has as their slogan "We don't block traffic, we are traffic". But then they launch columns of bikes that shut down intersections because the cyclists all run the red light for 30 minutes at a stretch."

TEAM SPIDER replies:
ha, "30 minutes a stretch", critical mass in NYC has been averaging 50 - 100 people/riders, who ride in a pack,( in columns ?)
even if this hooting / hollering group run a red light, (((which in the anarchy-like zoo of nyc's traffic / pedestrian / delivery truck situation, is usually akin to, and as offensive as jay walking))), you would be at most sitting /waiting in your vehicle, probably alone, sad, getting 8 miles to the gallon, anxious to get home to your virtual worlds of naked teens and self righteous typing american cowards, for 3 or 4 minutes.

Dont worry, the girls of porn and bloggers (myself included ;-) will be waiting for you, insuring we all share our lonely sad kept-poodle existences.

----DIE Critical Mass, DIE humans



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