Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Drive w/ my dad to the bus station,

posted by Xris...

One final trapped moment to shower me w/ endless bullshit.

Like the vauge yet repeated statement :”Don’t become a Martyr’
Which makes about as much to sense to me as the cop outside my courtroom repeatedly telling me “ Freedom isn’t free” …

What would constitute me becoming a martyr? Being shot dead in the streets for riding my bike?
Or making years worth of wage slave income and experiencing exciting and meaningful travel supporting my extremely relevant film on freedom of speech and right of assembly.
Or maybe just being reduced to make crass justifications for a work of art and entertainment that I deeply care about and am actually interested in..
So infuriating, he just has to find some way to fault, belittle or chastise anything I could ever fucking do..
And sad thing is I could give a fat fuck what he thinks about anything I have ever done,
He just traps me into situations like giving me a ride to the bus station after celebrating a farce of a holiday about a farce of a messiah and turning it into a fucking holier than thou shower of judgement, disappointment, and other non earned authorities.

Fuck that shit
“Don’t become a martyr,”
This from someone who went to fucking Vietnam.
While others where out in the fucking streets saying “Look elsewhere for your next stooge willing to take a death sentence, it aint me”.

Those people are probably the only reason I am not forced to become a fucking martyr in this current deja vous bullshit corporate interest war.

The final clincher…
“Do something positive, become a cop or fireman.”

Become a COP?! That is positive!!?? Beat down on the poor and borderline starving motherfuckers in the alledged wealthiest / most free country in the history of the planet? Why? Because they smoke marijuana, or don’t want to work in Wendy’s?

How about I do something positve like shut my fucking ears and sing yankee doodle till I can get on the shitty bus…


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