Sunday, September 23, 2007

Cops Tazer.. the Blind Defend

Why do people jump to justify the police and their actions… it’s like a smoking habit, both cancer causing and uncontrolable…

Is the blind defense of power abusing scum any worse than racism, lumping a group together and treating all the same based upon their skin / uniform color. Why can’t we be angry at how these kids were treated? Why should we look for ways in which they, the victims, were in the wrong?


Against my better judgement I have found myself reading some of the ‘youtube comments‘related to these videos, they seem to be full of people always looking to point out that “Yeah… who you gonna call to save your life after a crackhead stabs you 10 times?!,”
as if pulling a cat out of a tree justifies treating innocents ( or guilty people for that matter), like human garbage…
abusing power, threatening to ruin people, beat people, take their vehicle or even worse… tasering people without warning… Why? for asking a question!

It reminds me of society’s tendency to blame the rape victim.. “What was she wearing..” “ oh she was asking for it..” “what was she doing out all alone.. etc.. that is why I am surprised when I have Women say things to me such us, “They could have left peacefully” “He was baiting the cop” “Why does an innocent man have a camera running in his car?”


I pointed out to some people that when the police pull you over in NYC for bicycling w/out a bell etc. they are usually looking to run your license for outstanding warrants.
“Why would you or your friends have outstanding warrants?” I am accusingly asked…
“Because of the previous time/times we were pulled over, harassed, & not even given tickets, but given court appearance dates, and my friends don’t carry blackberries, stay in towns for too long, have jobs that require you to be in the same office for 40 years etc… We do not fit into a selected mold… and we are not good at keeping up with the state, and their constantly changing court dates”
“well, if you are an adult, you can make your court date.”

I’d rather talk existentially about what patterns of behave cause people to think, type, and defend points like that rather than discuss the cases of specific people harassed by police, but some people seem to enjoy conflict more than discussion. Maybe it’s comfort. Maybe conflict is comfort in their minds. I prefer logic.

The truths, myths, and realities struggling to survive in these people’s minds seem to completely overshadow the fact that there should be no court dates, no tasering, threats to civilians in the first place. The state and their actions do not determine how adult I am.
I define myself…*

*and yeah, who wants to grow up?

Ps. I heard the parking lot cop was fired,,, thank you video justice!

come to this party and rock out w/ times-up! the people who NYPD sued for "promoting" critical mass, they been helping build community for 20 years,.,, and it's time to party!



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