Wednesday, May 28, 2008


SO, bike month NYC comin to a close, but BIKE FILM FEST just getting started...

On an extremely positive note, MIKE GREEN of BIKE BLOG got his bike back!

Yes, after enduring the friendly, cowardly / not so friendly comments after MIKE told the public how he was conned out of his bike in the East Village,
Mike's public humiliation, not only helped PREVENT FUTURE SCAMS, but the BIKE COMMUNITY rallied together and spotted, rescued, and returned MIKE's Bike, all while he was out of the country,,,

SO its a long story, read more about it at: BIKE BLOG

in the meantime, MIKE n XRIS attended the BIKE FILM FEST kick off party, where they helped underaged people sneak in, drank free PBR's, and mike got a chance to meet / thank one of his vigilante bike rescuers...
feelin' the love from one of the "Vigilante Bike Rescuers",
The Bike Angel demonstrated to Mike how he used a device called a "cell" "phone" to gather the posse that eventually re-obtained the bike,

he then told Mike that he shouldn't let complete strangers, especially those wearing Biggie Smalls shirts, 'borrow' his $1000 dollar track bike... Mike appeared to now understand
They then all laughed at the misguided CAR SERVICE cars (waiting for the 'clubbers' to come out needing rides)
, and got psyched for friday's critical mass, which is rumored to have a certain REVEREND whose name rhymes with "PAL" speaking and riding, and everyone planned to see a film*** shot by lil ole XRIS himself
( ***"GET FASTER" part of the SAT night BIKE FILM FEST program 7,9,11pm etc)

more info at BICYCLE FILM FESTIVAL . com

and lastly, there was an accidental meeting of the MINDS!, or at least mindless bloggers..
yes, the holy trinity of BIKE BLOG, TEAMSPIDER, and SUCKAPANTS blogs, unexpectedly converged and had revelatory conversation...
L to R:
Bike Blog
Team Spider Blog
Sucka Pants

transcription / excerpts

BB: Wow, itz good ta have my bike back
TS: Yeah, yer like a hero or something
SP: What font are you gonna blog it in?
BB: i was thinking Helvitica
TS: wow, totally cool.
SP: yeah, that'd be rad
TS: and you could do a hyperlink
BB: whoahhh
SP: That's be even better than touching a girl
BB: how would you know
SP: oh i know
TS: oh yeah, then what do girls taste like?
SP: Batteries
TS: werd
BB: Batteries? Why would you want to taste batteries?
SP: 'cause then they do things for you
BB: like blog?
TS: no, even better.
BB: you guys are teasing me, whats better than blogging?
SP: your kidding right? isn't your wife preggo?
BB: well, she belongs to a public pool.
TS: werd.
SP: this is all making me want to go home and .. uh, blog.
BB: yeah, me too
TS: me too,
SP: cool.
BB: cool.
TS: cool.




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