Monday, May 17, 2010

TUNNEL OF LOVE - Critical Mass NYC 4-30-10 (after the Verdict)

woah, dude... CHILLLLLLLLLLLLLllllllll .. nice..

so, maybe there's Peace in the Upper East...

those plasti-cuffs comin out on times square just a little too late? just a little too scary...

good thing the TS cam dept. always a block late and an `off-button' short,
or we wouldn't accidentally get secret shots of TARU cops, and Teens Smokin'

Well, in other news, we biked to the Xup 5yr anniversary Screening of the movie STILL WE RIDE (dang, has it been that long?)

Well it gave some perspective on how far the city has come in the last 5 years towards accomodating the anarchists.. i mean non-conformists, i mean sexual contortionists, i mean CYclists !!!


and, one treat, besides people wanting to see the movie a second time prompting the bartender to claim "You're -driving- the customers away"*

*actually they lost more people by turning off the movie ;-)

was seeing some lovely ladies rocking out and dancing to the TEAM SPIDER Music in the end credits: The original/demo recording of "Critical Mass" recorded at -Casa De Spider-, which still sounds cool, even if not as "Hi-Fi" as the Studio Version (as heard in the TUNNEL OF LOVE video above).

WHICH reminds us.. we have to put out that 5year anniversary =SPECIAL EDITION= `Still We Ride' DVD that we have been talking about...!!!!

-- maybe we'll put copies in the TIMES UP Vending machine on South 6th street in Williamsburg Brooklyn...
keep your eye open for that... AS WELL AS-- the RETURN of TEAM SPIDER... Liiiiiive! AIIIIIIIYYEEEEEE

Comin' Live, to Tompkins Square Park, May 30th
BIKE NOISE 3 -- 2-6PM Tompkins Square PARK, NYC
FREE! for all our friends!
featuring: MORNING GLORY, TEAM SPIDER, RESTARTS (UK), WOMBAT IN COMBAT... and the return of SEWAGE.. first park show in 13 years...



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