Wednesday, January 04, 2006

New Years with the Spider: TSTV

12-28-05 honor of the birth of your lord jesus christ / excessive partying / travelling / sleeping...

TEAM SPIDER combined their laxidaisy ( spelling? ) practice schedule w/ their drunken TV schedule=== and had their practice,

live ON AIR, at the 59th street MNN buidling.... in a brilliant display of multitasking, over extending, promoting, drinking, stressing,

answering phones and breaking bones, the TS posse, including a sick LADYBUG , rocked out songs by request, pieced together a set list,

communicated w/ retards, and even did a hi-tech ZAK collaboration from the hospital... a good time. *thanks to $am's mom for loaning us

her van, and watching TEAM AMERICA w/ us afterwards ( including the fecal sex scene which i doubt Mrs. Cleaver would've made it thru. )


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