Monday, July 07, 2008

BIKE NOISE! live on tompkins

Last Saturday was an amazing time, featuring the FIRST ( annual?) "BIKE NOISE!" concert, on tompkins square park!

Lots of fun things went down, dodging raindrops, calling city council woman Quinn from the stage,
getting dumped on by downpours, the usual equipment magilla / hijinx, bikes, punks,
bike punks, Times-up!, the Shadow, Sliding Scale Productions, The Orphans, Team Spider, Turbo AC's, Wombat in Combat, 241'ers, and lots of other friends...

good rockin'

see more photos / other groups @ Sliding Scale Productions

M-O-R-E Tompkins Square PUNK madness...
SUNDAY JULY 27th 2008 ---- OLD SCHOOL PUNK on the PARK
SATURDAY A-N-D! SUNDAY AUGUST 2nd, and 3rd 2008--- 20th (!) Anniversary Tompkins Square Riot! SHOW

all three dates: 2-6pm...
also, movie at night... warm up parties.. more!
MORE INFO, (and photos of other BIKE NOISE! bands at
  • Sliding Scale Productions

  • photos: Heather J, video by Xris (to come)



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