Saturday, August 09, 2008

Tompkins Square 20th anniversary

So, we rocked out the tompkins sq park 20th anniversary concert, a great time. perhaps the greatest tompkins show ever. years of learning, adapting, and working hard has evolved into a tight knit little band of organizers and artists, all volunteer, all dedicated, all giving a lot of creative energy while losing a lot of sleep and hair, and ultimately putting their necks on the line.

Ie: at the end of the show, in a sign of weak willed passive aggressiveness, the police told certain folks that they were being fined 1500 dollars for being too loud. the police actually sat out there with decible meters, making sure it didnt go over 70 db. which is a b.s. number, as in between bands the crowd itself was often registering at 70db. the police would constantly tell poor $am and A-truth Chris to turn down the pa. which certainly was not the source of the unruly decibles.. but definately the source of the anti-cop rhetoric their ears couldnt handle.

the only good thing, is that the cops took an almost playful confrontational tone, laughing at the organizer's deifiance: "Our lawyers will be expecting your mail" is how we left things... a pussy ass ticket is better than a back alley cracked skull, but evil and sadistic in a much slower, terroristic , again passive-aggressive manner.

a 1500 dollar fine to end a concert with a budget of about $420. they are also cooking up (no pun intended) charges for the american flag some people burned during our set...( i believe they tried to light it for BUSH BUSH BUSH, but didnt get it goin' till CORPORATE TRASH...)

i am not much of a flag burner, but it certainly doesnt offend me as much as it did comin up thru public schools where i really was taught to believe what it represented, part of me holds out hope for the flag/ideals of america, but another part says nothing is sacred, this is a revolutionary country, and if we freeze frame on some past moment, we are all living in a dream.

Cops, they arent quite as open minded. Thankfully the mainly rookie looking cops looked more afraid than ready to bust heads. I think its good for the police to fear its honest employers.. this has got to be the only way towards justice, that or recruiting from tough colleges and not relying on recruiting the "living over mom's suburban garage short bus riding sect" that they seemed to attract like a dateline special...

Too many stories to share, good thing i organized about 5 camera people, so when TS gets back from europe i will begin editing a cool doc. / dvd of the days events... and try to cover everthing.. THE RAIN, THE STAGE GETTING PUSHED 4 FEET BACK, THE PERMIT BATTLE, THE LAWYER VOLUNTEERS, THE PUNK BILL ZINE, THE FINES, THE SPEAKERS, THE HISTORY, THE BOOT THAT SMASHED AARON'S VIDEO CAMERA SCREEN, THE PRESS, THE NEWS, THE LITTER, THE COLLABORATIVE PA SYSTEM, THE MADNESS, AND... THE MUSIC !!!!!!!!!!!



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