Saturday, September 06, 2008

STZA Tracked, Arrested.

Arrested for free Speech, Donuts...

FRI Sept 5th 2008

East VIllage, NYC

A political rally held near the 9th Precinct in NYC's East Village ended in Police Violence at nearby Tompkins Sq Park. The point of the demonstration was to protest the selective issuing and enforcement of sound permits for political events in Tompkins Sq. Park.

Ironically, the unreasonable permit the demonstrators were issued that day required the bands Team Spider, Banji, and the Crack Rock Steady Seven to struggle to keep their audio levels "below 70db's at 20 ft away". A vacuum cleaner is approximately 70db at 10 feet away.

Each band constantly turned down or off their amps, replacing drum sticks with brushes, and covering drum heads with T-shirts, all in an attempt to not have the rally, which had been targeted by police since its conception, shut down completely. Police and organizers systematically wandered around the event with their respective Db meters, often having to wait for city buses to pass, which alone produced more than 70db of noise. Eventually all amps were turned off and the crowd sang accapella with the acts.
--[video-part 1] THE MUSIC, THE DREAM, THE DONUTS...

Singer Scott Sturgeon, aka Stza Crack of Leftover Crack ended his unplugged set by releasing a previously incarcerated box of donuts into the wild, much to the delight of the crowd.

Long despised for his "anti-police, anti-organized religion" lyrics, Mr. Sturgeon was later tracked by police to Tompkins Square Park where he was performing acoustic songs with /for a small group of fans. Despite Mr. Sturgeon's attempts to disguise himself as a striped sweater wearing young urban professional, he was arrested and put in a black sedan.

Young music fans attempted to lay in front of the surrounding police cars as large officers would single out, tazer and violently throw the children to ground, often kicking them in the head and face for added public safety.


Currently. approximately 6 arrestees, including Scott Sturgeon, are being held in New York City jails.


quietly, sincerely,
11:45 am Sat Sept. 6th 2008
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