Monday, August 09, 2010


So, Tomorrow, TUESDAY August 1oth 2010, is the big public hearing regarding NYC's infamous home-made Community Gardens. The delicious little snippets of nature scattered throughout the city, tended to by the communities which they both inspire and calm, and saved by Elliot Spitzer "''needle -- sCKRAtch noise:'"" what wha wha?

Yes the "Sheriff of Wall Street" and infamous "CLIENT #9" was one of the many to rush to the aid of the gardens, but Spitzer was so helpful in this case, they deemed him Client #1, and named the bill / act / legislation after him! Good times, before falling 8 places in the charts...

Also, very helpful were Bette Midler, and 1 or 2 community activists who never bothered to make a record, movie, or high class hooker scandal, so we won't mention them ever....
oh what the heck: TIMES-UP!
Yes, those pesky garden loving, bike riding and very sexy sexy dancing Times-up! activists were part of the SOLUTION 10 years ago, and they are at it again...

Here are some videos, of preparing for tomorrow's big day...

including some original Seth Tobacman art / living demonstration poster power...

so, we will get up early.. ( 11am.. why so early !?!!?)

and go check it out, and report back... we expect to see Reverend Billy, those Times-up hotties ( especially BILL !), NYPD, and many more

Hand out the Save Our Gardens events, download at
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