Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Team Spider / Leftover Crack @ THE HOOK new years eve.


12-31-05... a great time, The Mad Conductor had his record release, sort of a rude beastie boy / like emimen if he wasnt black,

TS kicked some ass with old school spydrrr: DAVE filling in on BASS! as Ladybug was lost in work/traffic/delusions...

THANKS DAVE !!! you rock

ZAK literally "phoning in" a heartfelt rendition of KNOW THAT I LOVE YOU, a masked Xris terrorizing the audience,

and L.O.C. feat. Ezra kicking Ass on guitar and B.U. Vox.... Great show, great venue, lets hope 4 many more at THE HOOK, a wild / tolerant place

the owner Pleasantly recalled last time we played there, -july4th2005- when the police showed up, just in time to be passed on the street

by a completely nude bike messenger who dove off his bike to tackle someone in a full pink bunny suit...

the police approached the naked man pummelling the off duty energizer icon, 'till they looked at Dave, the owner of the HOOK,

who just shrugged and waved them off... like he had it under control....

so... the police got back in their car, and were seen laughing as they exited the illegally blocked intersection.....


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