Sunday, March 19, 2006

dfifference 'tween: LESBIANS and ELECTRICIANS

I'll meet you over there.... uh, later.


so, here it is. the third anniversary of the WAR IN IRAQ. You remeber, the one that was started w/out the support of the American People, George Clooney, or the Iraqi people who the soldiers were supposedly helping, Here's to you honey!

My friend Eric went up to the 'protests' at Times Square, but said it was uneventlful, guess the protestors have moved on. Mabe to Iran, they are always preempting somethin'.

====MY 2 FAVORITE THINGS Eric told me about the PROTEST,
1) Eric snuck into a construction site to use their Porta-Potty, and saw this grafitti:
-"Whats the difference between ELECTRICIANS, and LESBIANS?...
They dont do DICK."-

which makes either no sense at all, or is so complex that you would have to be a crippled little gnome in an electric wheel chair talking out of a mr roboto voice box to wrap your monkey brain around it.
Eric said: "Lesbians, i can understand, but whats this guy's beef with Electricians?". Now me, being a part-time electrician, should take offense to this guy, but, if he had succumbed to the obvious and written "What do they have in common?", like a true non-artist would have, perhaps he would have touched a nerve sending me into a plastic porta-potty wall-punching fury, but since he is a secret subconscious genius, trapped in a world of wife beating and Trump loving,
I shall say this: Brother, we have been waiting your arrival....

which brings us to funny thing witnessed ny Eric #2.
2) Bored by the lack of attendance, feeling of ineffectiveness, and the fact that his greatest stimualtion was comin from a plastic Dr. Who Tartus filled with human bile, Eric spotted some ominous looking people wearing black neckerchiefs over their faces. A sure sign that the BLACK BLOC were in town and there was gonna be some "un-permitted" mayhem,,,,

well, closer inspection revealed the gangs signs....

all i can say is.. YES YES YES.
smart Bombs my ass
stephen Hawking elation!!!!
hell -this is new earth we're creatin'?!
god, damn
why did i skip this protest???,
clearly it is only now getting interesting...

the uniform of the Black Bloc, everyone's favorite dumpster burning, starbuck smashing, SuV Torching gang 'o kids, has been adopted by some bizzare, embarrassed by their own actions / COMPLETELY LEGAL activities! HA. What the hells gonna happen when these guys run into each other. it will be the funniest thing i've seen since I saw the billionaires for Bush, encounter An Actual Pro Bush Rally, on the great lawn in DC!!!. They all had the same signs! you could see them both trying to discern which slogans contained sarcasm and which didnt. Cops on horses had to break them up and couldn't figure out which side to treat with the heavy hand... genius!

photo courtesy

the attendance #'s were disputed as usual, but now it is down to: the cops say 2000, we think it was more like 5000, vs. cops say 30,000, and clearly there were at least 100,000.
*** wanna talk DEMORALIZING THE TROOPS?...
imagine that now even the protestors DONT CARE about you and your situation. At least not enough to leave theirs homes on a sunny Sunday afternoon.

* least the M.I.A. Vietnam vets could take comfort that the only person who even knew they were alive was Chuck Norris.


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