Saturday, February 11, 2006

Forget Pedro- Vote Team Spider

Forget Pedro!
Send TEAM SPIDER to Vegas, to play with the Toasters, Fishbone, more!
we will kick this festivals ass, no horns, no fancy nerd shirts, str8 up political punk / gambling problems & troublemaking, which we will videotape and post it all fer yer enjoyment

copy this link to go right to our voting spot
**********no hanging chads, punch that shit hard*********

==campaign promises==
-we reduce our nations dependency on our sweet sweet sweet oil
-we will never tap your phones(but may shoot some night vision vids )
-we will stop the genetic engineering of geranimals
-we will post naked photos of us rolling in money for your pleasure
-we will kick some major SKANK SKA DIRTY METAL ass...
-and sacrifice a full marching band's worth of dork rejects to satan

thank you
and god bless america

voting must be done by feb 14th 2006
*****do it now!

COPY THIS link, takes 2 secs.. this vote WILL be heard


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