Wednesday, January 04, 2006


CITY HALL PUNK" CRACKTOBER was a smashing success,

culminating w/ ZAk smashing to the earth.

Somehow ZAK lost his footing and fell backwards over an amp and off the back of the stage during the first to last song of the night
(sadly the final unperformed song was Zak's anthem to the world: "KNOW THAT I LOVE YOU".)
Strangely ZAK took his spill during " LILLY's TREAT", right after the final lyric, "neighborhood got good, and the good, it went away..."

then Zak disappeared.

somehow he landed, with his head closer to the stage then his feet, which i assume means he did some jackie chan style flip.

everyone rushed to his aid. he was bleeding from his head, but it turned out to be a minor cut that did not even require stitches.

Paramedics came, took Zak to a hospital and they did a Cat Scan and everything in Zak's noggin looked fine.
the hospital discharged him a couple minutes ago,

and Courtney ( who performed the Falum Gong / China persecution songs ) is spending the night with Zak at his place ( Zak you dog ) just in case he needs anything.
that prety much sums up the entire day. a lot of pitching in, looking out for each other, good food, free pot, good politics, good music, and suitably bad people. on a great 'Go old people' final note , with all of the chaos of Operation: Save Zak-ty Dump-ty, we were VERY late returning the stage and generator. in both cases people stuck around, un-paid, to let us in late. At the stage rental place, it was a 70 year old guy working the freight elevator who slipped us in after hours. amazing. if we all can stay that cool, that long, the world could be a cooler place.


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