Sunday, May 21, 2006

Criminal Mass Premier / Revolocity Party

a crazy last couple of days...
the new TEAM SPIDER movie:
and was a huge hit,
dispite it being a sunday night, and mother's day none the less,
it had lines around the block, and many poor folk had to be turned away...

but fear not, you will have a chance to see it again
at the Lower East Side arts fest, SAT may 27th,
nicely placed between a JIM JARMUSCH film, and a rare BAD BRAINS concert movie...

also TEAM SPIDER, rocked the REVOLOCITY -benefit party--
to raise Money for people Arrested for riding their bikes on Criitcal Mass.
this is a cause close to Team Spider's hearts,
because of course we are all riders, some of us have even met in Paddy Wagons, but MAINLY, because this event is being run by FREEWHEELS, a non profit group formed by Xris and his Paddy Wagon mates from his arrest in febuary 04
( are there easier ways to make friends,,,? please... tell us....)

we debuted the new song "THE SMOLKA POLKA" in honor of ASSISTANT CHIEF SMOLKA, who heads the task force against Critical Mass,
known for yanking girls off of bikes by their hoods / chain belts, even with a full cup o Starbucks in his hand

we made shirts, there are a couple shirts left, hit us at the Myspace/teamspider is you want to get one,,, highly collectible / delectable


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