Monday, September 12, 2011

"9-11 BY BIKE" 10 year old Team SPider TV tape unearthed

I shot this footage as the chaos was unfolding. I never labeled the tape, and until today, the 10th anniversary of 911, I never watched the footage. It features me, ( xris Spider) Dave, ( juggy D spider ), my lil Bro, and our neighbors at the Ave A. apt where TeamSPider was born...

In honor of the innocent lives cut short 10 years ago, and nearly every day since, i have cut together this video which captures the day.

Let us remember that those who were able to express themselves before perishing thought about love, not vengeance. Vengeance is what likely killed them. In the days since, we have bombed countless people. Perhaps it is time to lead by example, not misguided retaliation and greed.

JUSTICE ( does not equal ) VENGEANCE

----PS. new tunes to rise from the ash very soon..



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