Monday, March 12, 2007

Dinner w/ JELLO

Rough night, had a pretty shitty cable episode ( or so i think, can't even watch it 'cause peeps in the control room forgot to hit record!!!). All Around Super stressful day. The Band that was slated to perform ( and shall remain nameless) cancelled, so i decided, TEAM SPIDER will play it!
Couldnt borrow a van, so i find myself looking into renting a van about 3 hours before airtime... all ready to go, realize the van i just reserved has to be picked up on 50th street, exactly where we want to be, AFTER we pick up all our gear all the way DOWN on STANTON street. So we would have to have traverse Manahattan 4 times!

Even if it is physically possible, ( with short cuts and optional red lights ), going to be so stressful, cause if we are more than 15 minutes late for our 'studio reservation', it gets cancelled. plus we'd have to rob our roomates at the practice room of the PA., not to mention disrupt their whole practice... seems to put out many more people than just me this time,,,

SO, decide to do a live, SIT DOWN, call in episode regarding new parade permit and pedicab regulations, show some footage our friend Vlad just cut together about the SMOLKA CRUISER bike gift, and maybe play one "unplugged" song...

simple.. ( my new rule: SIMPLE IS BETTER )

Well, somehow we pull it all off, even if we dont hit record... (starting to think i don't know if i can continue as is... all this stress and fuck ups... if we were on some crappy network like MTV2 or FUse or whatever.. at least i could pull a Trump and go "yer fired, yuppie"

*(oh yeah, that reminds me... i submit a quickly assembled film for some new reality show called THE LOT. More on that in another post)

Well, we had a plan for the episode... but it soon was thwarted by a pre arranged "pedi-cab expert" phone caller we hoped would shed some light as to what is goin on w/ the city harassing / eliminating HALF (!) the city's pedicabs ( shouldn't we be encouraging ALL FORMS OF NON-POLLUTING transportation ??? Not STIFLING IT.)

... anyhow, above mentioned pedi-cab caller turned out to do nothing but present the most boring list of "Article A100 B and subsection..." borefest.. combined with the fact he would get snippy at my attempts to get him to be concise...
brought entire episode to a screeching halt. argh, want to help these mofo's but get it together yo.

i just hope our "MY LIFE YOUR RIGHTS -unplugged live-" came out alright... & hopefully someone TIVO'd it...

oh yeah, the only saving grace of the night... afterwards i went out and met up with JELLO BIAFRA and had 2am dinner with him and HR GIGER's agent(?) at Veselka's. Bullshitted about our respective parents / elder's health issues as we gorged ourselves on Fried Perogies and the unhealthiest Polish food on the planet.

I had less than 10 bucks on me,( or on the planet for that matter), so i tried to order small and cheap, which is close to impossible in the Neuvo East Village, but i feasted on other's leftovers. Everyone seems to owe me money, gotta start collectin' ( insert emiticon of a smily face shining his knuckles >;-}- ?< didnt want to look like too much of a spanger in front of jello.. and i prayed we wouldnt divide the bill evenly, thankfully we all paid our share, just my style*...

*( another time i will go into my HARDCORE belief in just paying your share, tax, and tip, and NOT BUDGING when everyone starts adding extra dollars like they are some generous mofo's when its probably them who was just stiffing the bill yo..., and if not... then you just stand there like me and refuse to put more in... i aint paying for you to "forget" there's a such thing as tax, or tip, or what 4 beers co$t in a restaurant for the 4 millionth time)

Anyhow, out till sunrise, hearing great AL JORGENSON stories, CHRIS STEIN stories, HR GIGER stories, and many others too illicit to repeat in public w/out fear of libel suits... :-)

somehow, at the end of the night i ended up w/ all the Grape Juice and Orange Juice Jello and I stuffed my messenger bag from the backstage area at Knitting Factory earlier... nice. "sorry Jello, it was an accident! i swear !" ( insert emoticon w/ angel wings and O.J.* ) And after he spent so much time making sure the seals werenlt broken on any of em!

*OJ meaning O.range J.uice, not homicidal maniac O.J. ( though he should have an emoticon of his own, carrying a blond's head and a steak knife)




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