Sunday, April 01, 2007

Critical Mass 07 - ,,,,,,,The Empire Strikes Back`````


The Rebel Alliance fights new oppression as the previously defeated NYPD gains new legal ground.

Writing their own laws, Ray Kelly and his Police Stormtroopers devise a permit scheme that actually makes it illegal to ride bikes in groups of 50 or more.

Desperate to save their cherished Right to Assemble, the rebel scum use the power of the Non-Force to gather and defy those who would like nothing more then for these bike-knights to stay home and watch imperial car commercials...

Part 1:

The rebel forces have been scattered through out the NYC galaxy.

Scouts and Pilots alike try to find any remains of the once glorious Bike-Knights.

Something draws the rebels towards a desolate alien outpost named after an ancient imperial exlorer:
Columbus Circle.

Part 2:

-A New Grope -
After over a year of relentlessly ticket bike-knights, the NYPD revert back to an ancient tactic known as "unecessary arrest."

The Bike-Knights are so powerful that it can take an entire Stormtrooper battallion to subdue a single knight, whether he or she resists or not...

The Emperial Guards attack without thought or mercy, right in the heart of the Time Square Galaxy- where the eyes of the universe are eternally focused.

part 3:

March 30th, 2007 - Month/Episode: 34


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