Tuesday, September 16, 2008

An Albatross - Music Video

I've recently been asked to help make a music video for our old friends AN ALBATROSS.
---"classic" Aa VIDEO- (requires faster connection) /vimeo/

An Albatross - LIVE on Team Spider TV from Xris Spider on Vimeo.

These are old dear friends of the TEam SPider, some of whom went to the same high school as myself, and all of whom loved ZAK making him a happy man with their antics and constant invitations to have him inroduce them at big live events...

ZAK would consistently announce: "And now, it's America's favorite band..." ( even back when Aa were playing to rooms with 10 people ).

Well. i don;t know if An Albatross are going to become America's favorite band, but in Zak's mind they already are..
---- "classic" Aa video ----- (playable on all connections) /youtube/
here's a !FLASHBACK VIDEO! from the last time they were on our cable show to tide you over, LOOK OUT FOR THE NEW VIDEO!

-xxoo XRIS

New An ANLBATROSS album out next month, Hear the upcoming single: "And now emerges the silver pilgrim"
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