Friday, September 26, 2008

BUSY WEEKEND ! ( Wall St Demo, Crit mass, Red Hook Gig, Tompkins )

whew,,, hard to keep up.. (though that's better than being bored.)
First Up, here's what went down yesterday on WALL STREET, for those who couldn't attend.feel alone.pissed.confused. (see video)

Cops were very cool, respectful , and sympathetic to the public's response.

TONIGHT! is Critical Mass NYC, 2 months ago they violently tackled/assaulted a guy, last month Riders pleaded to "go back to the old days"..(see video)

TONIGHT! ???what will happen tonight??? ( 7pm'ish... Union Square North)

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Well one thing will happen.. We are gonna leave Critical Mass early so the ole TEAM SPIDER can rock out w/one of our favorite Brooklyn Bands: the Spunk Lads (@ rocky Sullivans, 34 Van Dyke st, red hook, BK, 9pm sharp. spunx at 10, Blackout shoppers 8?)

Then maybe bike up to Death By Audio to watch AN ALBATROSS kick off their tour at Midnight.. ( death by audio, south 2nd, williamsburg BK)

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We TRY to catch some sleep, so we can be peppy for Saturday's "FREE FUCKING SPEECH" rally
Free Fucking Speech (9.27.08) tompkins
at which Xris will speak, do some acoustic numbers ( including maybe --Know That I love you-- )
-flashback "know that i love you" on tompkins-

And $AM wil be performing with Wombat in Combat.. spreading the marsupial reality..

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Pedal Fast, and Try to keep UP


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