Saturday, March 08, 2014

TEAM STUDIO: JC Studios celebrates 2 years!!! A TeamSpider reunion special???

Team Studio: A super RARE Spotting of the majority of team spider members together
for the first time in years at the JC STUDIOS "2 Year Anniversary" party.

The wickedly awesome, as they'd say in Bawstun, recording/rehearsal/art owned and operated by Team Spider-members $AM & JUGGY D.

To properly ring in the 2nd Birthday of the spider'rific locale,
JC Studio's reception / lounge / kitchenette was decked out with turntables and a full bar
serving the finest beats and spirits absolutely free,
save for the pouty lipped guilt stare of bartender Justine if you skipped the tip jar, which we hope you wouldn't.
Justine mid beyatch-slap to a non-tipper

The gallery space was displaying art by Nancy Palubniak and Preska Wenger among others while Baldy Longhair recording artists BRAIN AND THE CRAZIES rocked out the sweaty bouncing performance space. Fans of non Ear-bud ACTUAL LIVE BAND jamming were crammed in every square inch of the nearby rooms and hallways rocking out to the catchy punkTastic jams, resulting in JC Studios being perhaps the only building in Jersey to be running five rooms of air conditioning this fine cold winter night.
Xris' appearance was unexpected, due to the fact that he and his Madame Spider are expecting a baby and the DUE DATE was of course the same night as the studios' second B-day, but it just goes to show you can't keep a good spider down, especially if an open bar is involved.

Frequent cell phone checking occurred and no labor took place, which is good as parties are for creating' , not working. Xris' appearance did result in an overheard comment by a Team Spider superfan in attendance who said "Does this mean (drummer) Oscar is going to walk in the door next and my (team spider reunion) dream is going to come true?"

Well, spoiler alert, there was no sign of Oscar, & no TS rocking occurred, but upon returning home, the super busy super PaPa Xris checked his personal email for the first time in a while and lo & behold there was a note from Oscar dated just the day before, pondering when "the last time we all got together was at this point? It's been a couple years!" We'll, had Xris seen the note earlier he probably would have mentioned the party, or had Oscar been more of a Facebook / NSA-surveillance type perhaps hyper-drummer-lad would have seen he was most likely invited to the bash, but alas, it seems it was not meant be.

Ah... who can predict the future? Xris WAS heard mentioning to $AM that in between diaper changes, feedings and trips to the library story-time he has been jotting down notes and emailing voice memo's of riffs to an ancient teamspider Email account that he "hopes he still can remember the password to." $AM laughed and said if XRIS figures it out let him have the password too and he'll check 'em out and see if he comes up with anything...

So TeamSpider superfan(s?), you may someday get more than an impromptu-mini-set at a party In the near diss'tant future, but for now, just keep your ears open for the wails and cries of the latest MINI-SPIDER TEAM MATE preparing to enter the world any day now! After that? Only the fates know...
CRAZY AND THE BRAINS, live, dark, romantic

GOOG-ILL AD (non)SENSE -- be sure to party / rehearse / record at JC Studios', accommodating accomadations for ALL your fine audio needs -
Just 1 quick stop on the Path Train ( GROVE STREET stop* ) from 'ole Manhattan.
Call (201) 435-1024 for information on rates and special offers. (*or ask future New World order president and Putin arm-wrestling hopeful Christ Christy for directions from the GW bridge
--but ride yƶ bike Beeyatcjh !!! )


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