Sunday, July 22, 2007

Tompkins Square Punk Show 7.22.07

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  • 7.22.07 Tompkins Square Park, NYC, USA

    Another successful Tompkins Show. Everyone drank, sang, chilled, thrilled and spilled, and from what I can tell, people were not bothered by the police. Our donation table angel GARRET came up all the way from York, Pa. Loaded with H20 and his improvised “hatchback -cover-garbage-can” table and took donations all day in exchange for T-shirts, CD’s, and Bottled Water… once again, Garrett saved the day ( he did the same at the infamous TSP-911 show ) and made sure at the end of the day that both the stage rental and the cost of the shirts were covered, plus about an extra 100 bucks of so, that we will put to good use, either paying something we forgot about, or putting it towards the AUG. 5th Show...

    The shirts were very popular, and all 100 sold out, I may make a variation on the design ( maybe 2 colors this time) & print up a new batch / start the ball rollin’ for fundraising for NEXT YEARS’s show, which is going to be the biggest one of all time…
    THE 20th ANNIVERSARY of the TOMPKINS SQUARE RIOTS…. ( comin’ in 08 )…

    Fond Memories include: pulling an “old lady cart” loaded with 100 shirts, spray-paint, liberated Budweiser posters, and CD’s behind my bike, through alphabet city… seeing Mohawk-sportin’ kids workin’ parks Department brooms and dustpans after the show, finding “M” – a missing 15 year old who was recently on our show, and who’s mom was worried sick, meeting some cool photographers and videographers who offered to help make the ‘08 show happen, seeing mike green from bike blog show up and film the show, getting word that Vlad from Glass Bead Collective was out there somewhere with his “360”cam, hearing Death Mold, (sadly/possibly for the last time),
    hearing the cops play music thru their police car loudspeakers, a gesture of peace perhaps? Though it was met with “Fuck Pigs…” Seeing punks kids on just about every corner of every block in alphabet city, reminding many of the corporate robots what “character” is, having Dolan from Choking Victim and Mike Dreg from DeathMold combine their 2 PA’s, into one MegaVoltronPA and save me ‘n Sturg from having to rent a lot o crap that would have put us further in the hole, actually having people who offer’d up their hypothetical vans show up, on time, and help out like crazy, even waiting till Monday to return the stage cause place is closed Sunday nites, hearing loud and proud, defiant and free individuals hollering all day, including someone who felt possessed to scream “Fuck Penmanship!” which is a heavily ignored issue… & finally… seeing a big posse of punks, after dark, in the grassy area of the park, drinking, singing songs, laying in the grass, experiencing home spun organic fun, with nothing more than an acoustic and vocal chords, to remind me that that’s what it’s really all about.


    see BIKE BLOG's video of our entire set at

  • big thanks / shout out to Mike Green / Bike Blog

  • <3 TS


    Saturday, July 21, 2007


    thanks to all who came to our CD release party at the Crash Mansion,

    thanks to Firefly for working the table, Sturg for the onstage Vodka, Courtney for SInging, Ellen for carrying boxes, and all else who helped out...

    TEAM SPIDER's FINAL US show bfore European Tour:

    this SUNDAY!!!
    free, on TOMPKINS Sq Park... 1pm

    ............LOVINGLY DEDICATED... TO SHAWN.........
    /\/\\Friend & Park Organizer\/\/\/
    \\/\/\//Rest in Peace brother/\/\/\/\u./\r./\/missed\/\\\/
    (1pm) start: w/ Feral Foster (acous), Casa De Chihuaha (acous), G-Stomp (2:15),Death Mold (2:30), Rabia (3:20), Team Spider (4pm), Choking Victim (4:45)
    all times subject to spare change

    we are $elling $hirts to raise the $ for the stage...
    so DONATE 10 - 20 bucks,... get a lifetime of coolness in shirt form*

    *new XRIS shirt design!

    more info at




    Saturday, July 14, 2007

    Team Brooklyn


    thanks too all who rocked the WRECK ROOM in brooklyn w/ TS on our "Night of Fire" gig,
    the night started out w/ a train party, stiltwalkers, swimming in city hall fountain, and ended w/ a late nate condom strewn satge in brooklyn with hard core liberty spiked porn projected as a large african amerikan man named "juggernuaght" danced and screamed as a Barbie Dream Bicycle was sadly sentenced to Death.

    Its life,
    your rights

    they drift away/......*

    *team spider does not condone violence towards bicycles.

    photos by heather j.