Sunday, November 22, 2009

NExt Show: THANKSGIVING WEEKEND: trash bar brooklyn NOV 28th 2009 (plus recent events)

hey all,
got a TS show comin up SAT (11/28/09),

CLICK the turkey to the right for info>>>

here's some PiX/vidz of recent stuff to tide u over.
FIRST OFF: former bandmate SPIKE has been released from Prison after 10 long years,

he rocked out with us at ye ole Team Spider rehearsal cave,
WHERE we learned his new tune...
Like a bird away she flew,

we played it at the Tompkins "SCARE" Park halloween show 2009, on Halloween,

narrowly avoiding the onslaught of RAIN...

BLACK KAT and Count SPIKE'ula !
SPike also joined us onstage for a cover of the Misfits' HALLOWEEN

under the watchful eye of NYPD of course...

Tompkins Shows being D.I.Y., we all chip in, on stage or behind the scenes...
here's JUGGY D working the Board, ( why the band aid on forehead? JUG'll never tell, werd)

and $am hookin' a brother UP !

BUT BEFORE THAT... the PREVIOUS night was the best ride of the year..
with UNDEAD ABE LINCOLN... to free the riderz !!! ( B.S. Ticket )

hundreds of bikes, ( critical mass is on the rise in NYC baby)

follwed by a GREAT party, at a GREAT space, ( Surreal Estate, BROOKLYN )

where we played a rockin gig, one of our favorite gigs of all time, ( sadly, no one taped it ;-(/// but our buddy Stephen rolled off one little video* on his phone/camera..)

till we get that BUSH BUSH BUSH Video from Stephan, here's some sexy partiers to tide u over ;-p
every spider loves a black cat!

a mixed health care reform message if we ever saw one..

*Video will feature the NEW version of BUSH BUSH BUSH,,, w/ now updated Lyrics--
--"Bush bush bush"
----"it's time to REBUILD"
------"the CON-STI-TU-TION !!!!"

and before that... i cant remember,, but we've been BUSY

oh yeah.. rocked a PUNK SHOW at A BIKE SHOP!

above photos by Otto Yamamoto

Bushwick Bike Shop ( specifically )

here's the owner: KT, kickin it with $AM

oh.. and here's KT calming down the (inevitable) COPS...
who shut the show down..
after they received a report "there are people with guns drawn",
which i translate to:
"its too loud, but if i mention guns, maybe the bushwick cops will show up..."
oh well, at least the final act: Blackout Shoppers, got most of their set in before the clampdown!

ahhh.. bike punk love..

bike punk lonely "love"... find the special item that does not belong...



    come to the BROOKLYN, TRASH BAR show, we are planning a SPECIAL APPEARANCE of SPIKE SEWAGE... rocking a full band version of his new tune:
    Like a bird away she flew...

    see ya SAT... happy turkey day... pardon them all!!!

    ps. PRINT and DISTRIBUTE ;-)

    & stay away from the cops!

    (at least he's not selling time shares like his buddy PONCH...)

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