Tuesday, December 08, 2009

D.I.Y. Bikes lanes! ( arrested ) / "Parking" Day

Ha, some guys in Williamsburg got upset over recently removed Bikelanes, and painted them back, we have a report they were arrested... oh well, maybe the next time they will bring cement and make PROTECTED / DEDICATED LANES like we need...

*NOTE* these bikes lanes are often just parking spaces for cabs / places to get "doored" We can't help but think that if Bloomberg was a small town mayor, he'd be painting worthless white lines in grassy fields or along dirts paths, and be bragging about all the "ROADS" he built. Ha.

oh.. flashback, from something we never posted, in Sept.09 we helped Times-up and BIKE BLOG take over a parking space our ABC no RiO on the Lower East Side.. during NYC's Parking dAy... and made it an impromptu concert space, interview show, and grassy knoll to assassinate your inner censor.

here's some cool TS Pix from Shanesse... ( spelling?) ;-) sorry

Again... Thanks! maybe we'll use them in our next 7inch!
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