Saturday, November 29, 2008

WALL 'O DEATH - Walmart Worker Killed / Reverend Billy

from the
"Nobody was trying to help him. They were rushing in the store, rushing, rushing, rushing." A cop said that cops performing CPR on Damour were also stepped on by shoppers. Another shopper said that Wal-Mart employees' pleas to shoppers were ignored, "When they were saying [shoppers] had to leave, that an employee got killed, people were yelling, 'I've been on line since Friday morning!' They kept shopping."

So, another crazy BLACK FRIDAY.,,
can remember momma spidr trying to drag me outta bed years ago to get a TV at one of these madhouses.. luckily my lack of ability to rise early may have saved my life...

Ye Olde Team Spider had a good time on Black Friday, sleeping late, hanging with Rev. Billy and the Choir, shooting some Video w/ Leanne and VLAD from GLASS BEAD COLLECTIVE,

getting dinner with THE STOP SHOPPING CHOIR,

***had to wonder if ==eating out== counted against "not shopping"...
but thought to the movie: BREWSTER'S MILLIONS, when BREWSTER (RICHARD PRYOR) bought the Million Dollar stamp, breaking the "you can't have anything to show for what you spend," and the rich white guys thought he was dumb, but Brewster then used the vintage stamp to mail them a post card... well, I'm using that as a precedent..

meanwhile...back @ dinner>>>>> MIKE DEE

and XRIS chilled with their respective special Lady friends... as the Ladies probably wondered what they were getting themselves into...

SO, missed most / all of critical mass, BUT did get to see the NEW TiMes-UP! Soundbike....
thanks to the MADE IN QUEENS crew for making this thang rock...

and.. looking to the future:::
got to see the new kidz on the block, hold down the forts / courts as they got worthless tickets // "ensuring their own safety" ***

***same message the "Public Servants" were sending to the REV,

while Ye Olde Spiders... retired to home, to have lots of excellent sex.

see ya in 2009...

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WALL 'O DEATH - Walmart Worker Killed / Reverend Billy

another day

another deth

another sorrow

another breath

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Election Night - IN HARLEM !!!

Obama wins!!!!
and Team Spider and friendz are there to !!!celebrate!!! with their uptown neighbors in Harlem. "Aint no stoppin' us now/././"

HERE's The WORKING VIDEO !!!!!! ( sorry original was choppy, fixed it! x.)

and here's the vimeo / higher quality version! enjoy:

Election Night 2008 - HARLEM / 125th street !!! Obama Elected ;-) from Xris Spider on Vimeo.

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